How Health Plans Can Improve Autism Outcomes for All Ages

By: RethinkFutures Team

Hands cupped together holding a head with puzzle piece representing Autism

About this eBook

While every person diagnosed with autism, and their family, experiences their own journey through autism, each stage in the patient journey represents different needs and highlights the potential for support and improvement.

This eBook explores how health plans can enhance autism outcomes and member experiences across all stages of the member journey, from pre-diagnosis through adulthood.


At the pre-diagnosis and diagnosis phases, which are often marked by chronic stress for parents, the primary need is for clinically validated educational resources and support.

Active treatment presents challenges in determining appropriate dosage and individualizing treatment recommendations, and monitoring progress and outcomes systematically.

The post-treatment stage involves navigating various challenges associated with aging and transitioning out of care.


The RethinkFutures platform helps health plans improve autism outcomes and the member experience at each stage. RethinkFutures’ digital tools, programs and modules facilitate parent education and engagement, and skill development in children, even before formal treatment begins.

The AI-based Clinical Decision Support system:

  • Removes guesswork from treatment determination
  • Ensures optimal care intensity for each individualized case
  • Accounts for social determinants of health and barriers to care

The platform also enables payors and providers to collaboratively assess treatment trajectories over time, and adjust intensity as needed.

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How Health Plans Can Improve Autism Outcomes and Member Experience at Every Stage of the Member Journey: From Pre-Diagnosis through Adulthood

Measure, Monitor, and Compare

Provider quality remains a pivotal aspect throughout the autism journey. Payors utilize RethinkFutures to measure, monitor, and compare provider quality across various dimensions including:

  • Treatment hours
  • Care coordination
  • Outcomes measures

Learn more about the changing needs at each stage of the autism member journey, and how RethinkFutures helps health plans meet these needs with transparency and precision to drive better outcomes and member satisfaction. Download the eBook.

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