RethinkFuturesTM Platform

The Clinical Decision Support and AI-driven Platform for payors to improve ABA quality, control costs, coordinate care, manage networks, and align to the best member outcomes.

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The ABA Platform of the Future, Today

Optimize Care and Improve Outcomes

Reduce over- and under-dosage/hours with evidence-based, personalized weekly ABA recommendations in 1-hour increments. Feed effective treatment planning, care management, and network feedback, driving systemic change for the better. ​

Continuously Improve Networks

Leverage detailed provider-specific data to identify and support high performing providers and lay the groundwork for value based care.

Holistic Person-Centered Care​

Tailored intervention unique to a member's total set of characteristics.

Address SDOH and Health Equity

Comprehensive data collection strengthens care management, improves referrals, and supports network improvements in service of equity.

Streamline and Focus Workflows​

Providers enter data in a standardized format on your portal, while reviewer dashboards automatically flag cases that may require attention, saving time, improving employee engagement and enabling practice at top of licensure. RethinkFutures' products and processes support URAC and NCQA.

Align to the Quintuple Aim ​

Simultaneously improve population health, enhance the care experience, reduce costs, address health care workforce burnout, and advance health equity.

Unparalleled clarity. Unmatched value.

From individual treatment planning to network enhancement, the patent-pending RethinkFuturesTM platform powers positive change.

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It’s a New World,
One Member at a Time

See how the patent-pending RethinkFutures platform ensures individualized, whole-person autism care.