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Millions of data points. Modern data science.
And the clinical knowledge it takes to make it useful.

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The Data

Over 230,000 individual cases. 50 million hours of ABA sessions. Over 250 million data points on clinical progress. The world’s largest published database of autism services data, structured specifically to answer questions that drive care management decisions, including how best to understand the dose/response curve for ABA based on patient characteristics.

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The Science

RethinkFuturesTM brings clinical expertise together with modern data science and machine learning to better understand the dynamics of ABA treatment. Our modeling has better accuracy than previous publications when predicting patient response to care, and we have identified previously unreported clusters of patient characteristics that impact response. We can even account for the ways that social determinants affect progress.

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The Expertise

The RethinkFutures team combines the clinical, research, and managed care expertise necessary to translate these advances into powerful, practical solutions for payors. We understand the data and the science, and we know how to craft tools that integrate into your existing technologies, streamline current workflows, and facilitate provider communications.

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It’s a New World,
One Member at a Time

See how the patent-pending RethinkFutures platform ensures individualized, whole-person autism care.

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