Digital Parental Success

Digital app, including content, training, education and 1:1 clinician support, for parents and caregivers to address a child’s unique behavioral and mental health needs.

Busy Asian father working from home with Autistic son on lap

ASD Support for Parents, on Their Terms

On-Demand Digital Skills Training and Resources​

Access includes 115+ mini-courses and 2,500+ sessions, webinars, tip sheets, and more – available on-demand, from anywhere, at anytime.

Evidence-Based Tools and Content

Deep clinical expertise personalized to each child’s unique needs, including children with learning and developmental challenges. Equip parents and caregivers with the tools to raise more confident and resilient children.​

Access Across the Caregiving Unit

Allows parents, relatives, therapists, and others to consistently support a child's development.

1:1 Expert Consultations ​

On-staff, multi-lingual Board-Certified Behavior Analysts are available days, nights and weekends to work one-on-one with parents to co-create effective solutions across a broad spectrum of challenges.

Digital Model Optimizes Reach

Fully digital resources – available via desktop and mobile app – ensure Payors deliver clinical best practice intervention at scale.

Global Availability in 120+ Countries​

Empower parents worldwide to consult with experts and access training courses in their preferred language.

Comprehensive resources. Community of support.​

​Easy to engage, evidence-based approaches ranging from online training and in-app content, to live 1:1 support – available to members via RethinkFuturesTM Digital Parental Support solution, anytime, anywhere​