AI and Predictive Analytics to Support Families Living with ASD

RethinkFuturesTM‘ full suite of software, digital tools and AI-powered advanced analytics helps innovative Payors of all sizes reduce ABA treatment variation, rein in ABA cost, improve provider quality, support the member and family, and deliver the very best quality and outcomes.

Mexican family and teenage daughter with cerebral palsy making video call with laptop on couch

Enable Individualized, Whole-Person ASD and ABA Care

Futures Platform​

Patent-pending predictive clinical AI for ABA medical necessity and prior authorization. Build toward value-based care and a high-performing ASD provider network.

Digital Parental Success​

Supplement parental training and education to better support children in the home or community. Content and support resources are clinically-valid and digitally-available anytime, anywhere.

Clinical Outcome Measures​

RethinkFutures' Parent Outreach Specialists​ connect and consult with parents to complete standardized assessments required for ABA authorizations.

Member Education

Evidence-based, clinically-backed and effective ASD and ABA educational videos delivered ready-to-use.